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I have the old white console, is there any reason to "upgrade" to the new console, or is it just cosmetic ?  I know mine is a lot louder than the new one and has no digital optical connection, but other than that will I notice any improvement ?


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Other then better cooling and no RROD's theres not a HUGE difference, games run the same, look the same etc.

Bigger Hard Drive would be the only reason I'd switch. I've never had any issues with the original console and I own all three of them (Arcade, Pro, Elite).

thanks for the input

Get a new one when the old one dies thats it!

haha unless you want to buy a lot of parts for your xbox that will cost nearly the same as a new xbox..stick with the old one for now :P

only reason i went out and bought my slim one is i was going to buy a new headset, 250gb hard drive, new controller and a few other things..that worked out about £190 in total..new console for £10 more with all i was away to buy...was well worth it...but if you dont need all that dont get one till you do