Old account got corrupted, want to get back the files - need help.

Hi, this is a problem that I've managed to ignore until now. I don't know how logical this will seem but here goes:

To have a Xbox account you need a Email account (Microsoft account) and a few years ago this happened: Almost all Email account's had a deactivation timer (i.e. if you'd not have been on for maybe 6 months your Email would get, temporarily, deactivated) and that happened to me.

My Email account got deactivated due to a case of AFK-ness and then my Xbox account began to spaz out. It fought me when I tried to log in (asked me to type in my Email and password - then logging me out), it started to mark all my files as ''Corrupt'' and my character got all white (like it was missing it's texture). I just began trying different things to solve the problem and somehow I got to the conclusion that I needed to log in on my Email and in the process reactivating it. - But this didn't fix the problem.

I didn't bother much, I mean I like to waste money to rebuy all the things that I lost due to the elaborate thinking of Microsoft, but just now recently I began to play Portal 2 again and I remembered that I used to own the Pre-Order DLC ''Bot Paint job''. You can keep the games I bought, the DLC's, the Avatar customization, the videos and media services I bought. - But. Not. The. Special. Files.   The ones I fought to get.

So since I wanted the special things (Mass Effect bonuses, Portal Pre-Order DLC's, Other Pre-Order DLC bonuses, old save files) I thought maybe I can use a USB drive to salvage the corrupted files to my new account. This did not work. (This was a few months ago, the initial corruption was years ago [But I just began to care about it a few months age] and since this did not work I gave up again)

So but now I came back to the third attempt to get the old files back. I was wondering if any of these last alternatives might work:

1. Maybe can download the old profile to my new Xbox and get the corrupted files back, just not corrupted.

2. Get the corrupted files from the old profile and take them to some kind of cheat engine and replace the corrupted switch.

3. Get a Microsoft/Xbox Live Administrator to notice my case and maybe refund the corrupted items (I can show proof aswell so they, you, don't believe ''He is trying to get something more out of his corruption).

4. Or maybe find a copy of a Xbox 360 Portal 2 Bot Paint job DLC and copy it to my console (This might not be allowed but like I care, I've lost so much already. Might aswell go down swinging)

Or do you have any idea? The thing I care most about is the *** Portal 2 Roll Cage.


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1.  Sorry but no purchased content (or even game saves - save for 1 or 2 older games) can be transferred from one account to another.

2.  Some people have accidentally created a new gamertag overtop their existing one.  This is purely accidental and is not by design.  You cannot share gamertags on one email.

3.  Profiles cannot be merged.

However, if you can access your old gamertag and download it then you can create a new email for it (if you like) then download all items to your console.  You should be able to use the majority of the content with your new gamertag (in-game items and avatar items are not available for use this way).  If you cannot access the downloaded content with your newer gamertag then simply do a license transfer with your older one and redownload the items again (no need to delete them first) this will allow your new tag to access the content.

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