Okay I'm getting really frustrated!

Okay I have been a member of Xbox Live for 7 years now and My account was suspended recently. The account was never in my possession while it got suspended. So after getting help over the phone they redirected me to the forums. The forum which never helps me and keeps telling me stuff i already know. So after finally getting told to do this by a moderator over an email after a post i made and he replyed saying: If you feel the actions that led to your suspension occurred while your account was not in your possession, you may open an ‘Unauthorized Access’ case by contacting your local Xbox support number.  So after calling The support number and opening that case i received a email saying my account was never part of  unauthorized access... So opening that case did help at all besides tell me stuff i already knew. All i want is some answers or places i could go to get my account suspension lifted for wrong doings that was never done by me after my account info got leaked out!

My account name is III OMAHA III

Reasons of my Suspensions:

  • Asking for another player's login, password, or personally-identifiable information
  • Unauthorized gamertag recovery
  • Offering to trade Xbox LIVE or in-game services for Microsoft Points or money

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If xbox support has told you your account was not subject to unauthorised access it means it was never recovered to another console and no one else had access to the account outside of your console.

Okay but someone else was on my account because why would i ask for other people infomation plus why would it say my account was longed on anther consol?

Well if that is the case you will need to get back in touch with support explain to them that you only have one console and tell them the specific serial number and console ID. Tell them any other console that has accessed your account was unauthorised to do so.

Okay ill call them again.

They should be able to tell you what date it was recovered to another console.

gg wp

Does anyone else in your household have access to your account and/or console? Did you ever give your account information to any of your friends or family members?