Okay. I have a question. I know this is probably for support or something. Idk.

Alright, so gears 3 is coming out tuesday. I have been sitting here thinking, and after seeing some answers on google I'm pretty worried. I sold I my Xbox awhile back to help with some bills and stuff, well I was putting stuff onto a memory stick and deleting other stuff. Well I deleted the beta. Now I have been reading, and I didn't know at the time, to keep saves.  I remember all I saw was the beta nothing else when I deleted it. I kept my gamertag and stuff, I'm just wondering, if anyone knows if I'm gonna keep my stuff? I know I've probably lost it, I dunno and I also know it's just game stuff. I'm just saying I played to get it, and keeping it would be nice. There was nothing gears of war 3 related to transfer when I moved stuff either, not that I saw. I know this question probably came up a few times, and I feel like a dummy, but I  just sorta wanna know.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks. x______x


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How did you access the beta? through a Gears of war 2 disk? or did you have an option to download the beta? If you had the option to download the beta it possibly could be still in your download history, Id check it it out :) Maybe someone that plays the game may be able to shed better light on the process for you :)