OK to place Kinect 2.0 off to the side of the TV instead of centered???

Can't seem to find info on this placement.  I have my entertainment rack a couple feet to the right of my TV.  It will not be possible to have it centered as my TV is above my fireplace and all wiring to my AV rack is behind the wall.   I tried to future proof my wiring but never anticipated the Kinect.   If the Kinect was wireless I could just simply place it on my mantle but  it isn't  and  I can't have any wiring exposed from the rack to the Kinect either.  My only other option is to place the kinect on my AV rack in the corner which is about 3 feet to the right of my TV angling in 45 degrees to where I would be sitting.

With that said,  Will the Kinect be smart enough to interpret my gestures reliably even if it's off centered and angled?  With the new tech, I think it should be possible. Thoughts?


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I dont see much of those 2 sided ones...  at least glass... I live in the "old" part of town where it would be brick & mortar with a witches cauldron hanging between them..

Anyways.. yeah you should be fine....

LOL, No it's a 2 sided Fireplace. Although I guess it  could double as a Turtle Tank.  

Looking at that pic, I'd imagine you would be fine tbh.

Keep it in the middle as best.as you can... they like it when you put it in the middle.

looks to be pretty close.... if you say the K1 works good just feels weird to twitch a little... and the K2 has a better recognition of movement... you might be OK.. I was thinking of a much large room with your rack off to the corner....  sucks tho... your K2 will look dam pretty on that small shelf....

Grab a handyman...  route out a small indentation and run the wire along the tank and the floor board...  (what is that a heater or a turtle tank?)

I'm probably exaggerating a little with 45 degree. Probably more like 25 - 30 degrees and 4 -5 feet away from center of tv.  My current Kinect has a direct line of sight to where I sit and works fine if I look straight at it and make gestures parallel to it's plane of vision.  But I never use gestures now because it feels so unnatural to look at the TV and twist my shoulders around at the same time to make it work.   I was just hoping with the new Kinect that they have made technological improvements using it's IR to allow a difference in angle.   Nobody from Microsoft can give a straight answer when it comes to this.  Wish I could just call a Microsoft engineer directly with this question.

Below is a link to my set up.


Manual shows it right in line with the TV like the K1:


"Specifically, this manual outlines the height at which the Kinect needs to be mounted, and how far away players need to stand for the camera to work properly. At the low-end, the Kinect needs to be at least 0.6 meters (roughly two feet) from the ground. On the high-end, it shouldn’t exceed 1.8 meters (roughly six feet). While the first-gen Kinect required the player to stand at least 1.8 meters away, the new Kinect will work for players standing as close as 1.4 meters (roughly 4.6 feet) away. For those of us stuck in tiny apartments, this is a very important improvement."



I'm pretty sure it will be fine any position as long as it can see you. So I'm guessing about 40 degrees max angle could be less but again as long as it can see you and the full front of your body should be fine.

its probably less then 45d if its 3' to the right. im guessing you sit at least 6' away which would put the angle closer to 25 degrees. id have to imagine this will be ok until we are able to get a longer kinect cable. it would be similar to someone sitting off to the side of the tv. it will probably not work well for osmeone sitting on the near side. but as you get more towards the far side better and better.

well the cord is only 9 feet right now but I am sure there will be some sort of aftermarket extension cable soon.... Also, since the XB1 is wifi enabled, is it possible to just have the console closer to the TV?

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