Oh So Tempted

I dropped out of the gaming scene recently for the past few months, maybe playing for like 1 hour a week, haven't really kept in the loop of anything xbox one or xbox live in general and too be honest I miss it and am tempted to make the jump to an Xbox One. However I am unsure as too if that is the right console for me. I don't want to turn this thread into a PS4 vs Xbox One war because both consoles are excellent gaming machine and have pro's and con's in all categories but I just don't know if I should continue to wait for a price drop or if its even worth it to make such a jump when the consoles have been out for less than 6 months. Thoughts? Thanks.


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Personally I love the x1 but that may not be true of you. I could give you a ton of things that I think are great about the console but your best bet is to what I did, which is to research as much as you can and then decide. They are both really great machines but suit different needs. Good luck with which ever you choose!

Try them both out at a kiosk, or better yet friends/relatives.....

@DuFFul True I definitely need to get on to reading some articles about any updates and what not because I only know up to what was said on its release, unsure if anything has changed since.

@Burnin TODI Unfortunately my local walmart and best buy have non-functioning consoles out just for show and its been that way since release which I think is ridiculous. My only hope would be gamestop but sometimes the people shopping there bother me and I hate being watched lol.

Best thing is like @burnin said try them both out in store somewhere if you can. You can research online but be prepared to run into lots of bad/made up inaccurate info about both.

Try them both then look at which games and features best suits your needs. Also take into account what features are actually available in your region aswell. Good luck.

Refuse to turn it off! lol too much TV.

In all honesty, I too dropped off the gaming scene to better focus on school. As time went by, I found myself wondering what was new and was just itching to get back into action. So, I dove in with the XBOX ONE and to tell you I do not regret it at all, in fact, I'm glad I invested in the future of gaming because all I see is great things to come. Sure the price would cause anyone to question if they really want to spend x amount on a console. The answer depends on how you feel. My advice is to get XONE ...Titanfall is just the beginning of whats to come :-)

Titanfall is almost here!

Get the X1.

You know you want to...

I found myself in a similar situation. I had stopped gaming for a while and my son had taken over my 360. But recently began to have a renewed interest in starting back up and wanted to go with one of the new gen consoles if I did.

I dug around on the internet to try to find informative, non-fanboy flame wars (that was hard). But eventually I found the features and launch titles (and the upcoming Titanfall) as the decision maker for me in my search. I've had my xbox one about a week now and love it.

I would suggest you do some research on what games each console has.  

I can't tell you which console you should get, but what I can tell you is that I have been enjoying the Xbox One console ever since my brother picked it up for our family. ;)

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