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you know how it tells you when someone gets on right well i would like if it said soso is offline soso is online like a little thing in the top of bottom of the screen like achivement message say soso is now offline


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That's not a possibility. You can only get it to show when someone goes online.

if it isn't possible how is PlayStation doing it then i played every system and the only one that does it is playstation or is xbox not as good as them

Playstation is different than Xbox, that's how. It's not a big enough issue for them to add the option in an update or something. It would actually be a nuisance in my opinion. I wouldn't want a hundred notifications telling me when every single friend signs in and out. That would be very annoying. I wouldn't think being able to be notified whether or not your friend signed out would make one console better than the other. PS and Xbox both have their pros and cons. I guess the only thing I can tell you is go play Playstation if you want to know when all your friends sign in and out.

true i didnt think of it like that how do i delete this post

I actually don't know how, lol. I only get on here to try to help/smart off to someone. I've never started a thread. You may not be able to delete a post, bud.