Offline Format for movies?

What codec format works off line for the 360? I know Avi's don't work offline and pretty much all my movies are in AVI or MKV format?


Any ideas on a good converter too?


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WMV should work, as for encoding into other formats depending on the file size it could take hours, your much better off buying a mutli-format DVD player like i did, pick a pioneer DV series for around £50, or buy one cheaper, that way you can watch on your TV without having to either A) worry about the format your movies are in and B) having to wait 2 hours to encode a 700mb file.

I've had AVI files working in offline mode no problem but some of them didn't work as they were encoded in some way the Xbox couldn't recognize them in online or offline mode.

Make sure you have the Optional Media Update and the licenses for it, if you have had a new Xbox recently.

Because that could be the reason why it doesn't work offline.

I do have the optional update and the AVIs still don't work. I'm looking for a good converter and good format to convert teh files. This is only a temp problem and no need to go spend money on it.

Well if you dont want to download the software you can always do it online, ive done this myself in the past and has worked fine, not sure on the file size limits but heres a list of 5 of the best ones to use.

Try making a silver TAG on the 360 you have now and re-download it on the new TAG.

It is quicker than doing the licence transfer and it will cover the whole 360 to use these formats offline