Offline Account Gamerscore.

Not sure if this is a dumb question or not but I have had a separate offline account and I was just wondering if I will lose all the gamerscore if I go live? It's close to 200000 so I'm not sure if it would be a problem. 


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Only if you cheated it.

Do they ban people yet who modified their gamerscore?

Yes, i have seen several people getting suspensions for gamerscore cheating.

Yeah it seems people didnt get the message with a simple reset so it gets a suspension now

I didn't mod it or anything though, that's why I'm asking. It's just been there since I first got a 360 way back when.

As long as it's legit you will be fine,just add a gold sub to the gamertag & sign in.Might take a while for the gamerscore to show up though.

You don't need a Gold subscription in order to promote a local profile to a LIVE enabled one.

Yeah,my mistake.For some reason i though they wanted to go gold.Don't know where i got that from lol.

You may not have modded your ofline one but the gamerscore on your current one is or was. Not sure how you did it but when i viewed your account yesterday you had a lot more cheevos and some on game like MAdden 07 which had its servers shut down in 2010 yet it had online achievements complete in 2013

[quote user="Viral Cyrix"] yesterday you had a lot more cheevos [/quote]

I noticed that too.