Official Recruitment Notice

So you've heard of us huh? In hushed whispers no doubt. Well, just so you know, it's all true. I mean we don't like to brag or anything but, yes we're pretty damned good. We know what you're thinking right now ...

"No surely not! I thought that was just chinese whispers and pub-talk, there's no way any clan can be THAT good!"

... well we are. It's almost embarrassing to admit it but the truth must be told.

So you're no doubt wondering "How can I join this crew of fabled warriors?". Well it's not easy. Traditionally there's been a series of challenges that a prospective new member must complete. Some of these have included:

A 30 mile march in full battle order.
A 6 mile swim in glacial melt waters.
Retreiving a bucket of molten magma from St.Helena.
Happy-slapping a vicar.
Eating a phone directory. (... and no, not a Thompsons Local like 'special forces' pussies do, pfft)
Clearing a mine-field whilst blindfolded AND hungover.
Painting a pretty picture of a horse.

... this is to name just a few.


However as luck would have it, here at T141, we like to think we move with the times so we recently adopted a more relaxed recruitment policy. So here comes the serious bit, listen up. We don't have many rules, but we expect all members to adhere to the following:

You must not be (or ever have been) a cheat. We don't take gaming as seriously as some clans do, we're here to have a bit of fun but this is one rule we always follow. No exceptions.
You must be willing to contribute towards the running of the site.
You must be able to speak reasonably good English.
You must be 18+ years of age

Other than the above we're fairly flexible. Your gaming ability is not a determining factor. It's more important to us that you'd fit in and get on well with the other members of the clan.

If you're interested then head on over and click the member application form, wait for it to be reviewed, and if your lucky we will meet you on the battlefield.

*All skill levels are welcomed at T141 as we have several different squad types.

*T141 welcomes all gamers over the age of 18 years old,
[exceptions if the gamer can prove his/her maturity.]


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