Off-line gamers who play online !!

Why do they do it, a lot of gamers in my region and across the world. Don't let them see online. Do they have something to hide from the Xbox-community? What's with that, please could you tell me why? Grtz D3GRoT3BoZ3WoLF


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I've thought it was because, atleast for games like Halo and CoD, they don't want to get invited to any custom matches by people they played with in matchmaking.

There's times where I appear offline to be left alone, they may be doing that. Maybe one of their friends are on and they just want to relax and play alone. I've done it many times and sometimes I do it just so people don't see the awful movies I watch on netflix (when I had it).

Sometimes you just want to play a game alone. After a hard days work of dealing with people all day I like to play a game by myself and usually set it to appear offline for some peace and quiet. Some gamers prefer solitude but go online to use Xbox live for its other features. Not everybody uses Xbox live to socialize and play multiplayer.

bongkaos hit it in one "privacy"

I have friends that send Call of Duty invites every 10 minutes.I appear offline when I get irritated.

I do it when I want to be left alone and just okay with a certain group of friends. Otherwise people start joining my party and we kick them and set the party to invite only and then they start trying to invite me. For example, if I'm playing online with my girlfriend who is a casual gamer and doesn't really care what happens I don't really want my more serious/annoying/obnoxious gamer friends to start trying to join us. So, I guess bongkaos sums it up, privacy.

Also keep in mind that this is an age of gamer parents.  Kids who are up later than they should be don't want their parents being notified that their kid just came online and started playing Ghosts.  For this reason, if I was designing the system, a child account would never be able to hide from a parental account in such a way.