*** off at this crap

so I do an advanced exchange and the one they send me has a bad disc drive to so now they make me pay 15 there is no free game any more! Why am I forced to pay 15 for there mistake? and no game so now i have  a xbox one to look at ! This is making me want to sell the replacement and cut my loses and tell people to stay away from this console!


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do what you want no one is forcing you to do anything you have/had options

Take it up with your local consumer affairs dept. They will change their tune trust me.

In the usa I don't think they will do much sadly

If they've sent you a dodgy console, phone them up and tell them. If they try to charge you tell them that you've already paid once, don't intend to again for their mistake and use words like "rights", "consumer" and "customer service". Stay calm and polite though, they're not going to give you the time of day if you swear and shout at them.