Oblivion DLC?

Hey, i just completed the achievements for the Oblivion main game!

I was wondering if the DLC is worth a purchase, how does it compare to the main game?



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The two main DLC, Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine (i think) are amazing and well worth the money. There neigh on a new game.

horse armor was worth every penny!

Yeah they are well worth it!

I believe that only Shivering Isles has any extra achievements, but if you can pick up the disc that has that and Knights of the Nine on you'll be set. The Shivering Isles is a true expansion pack and has many many hours of game time,and has quite a crazy story to boot!

Just get Shivering Isles. Don't bother with any of the other crappy DLC.

I sure hope that Bethesda follow through and implement mod support and TES construction kit for consoles for Skyrim

Just seen that it's 2400 :O

There is no MODs for consoles at this time as there needs to be alot of work done with security and making sure all the files would be safe etc Todd Howard said in an interview.

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Just seen that it's 2400 :O[/quote]Lol, thats why I said look for the disc! £20:40 is a tad on the rough side for DLC that is 4 years old! If you can rent it or borrow a GOTY version,the DLC can be installed then the disc returned!


Haha yeah.

Will ask around to see if a mate has it!

Was only 1200msp a couple weeks back......i paid the 2400msp though a year or so back, worth every msp imo, loads to do and a huge area to explore, if you loved Oblivion it's a must getting the DLC shivering isles, dont bother with the other DLC though.