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After the latest update I don't see notification if a game has been updated in the background when the box sleeps


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You can see  it on "my games & apps",when you see this sign * on the top right corner of a game (or app),it means it had been updated.

Yeah that's what I see. A little green star should appear as described above :)

Actually, the color of the star is relative to your color choice for your Home Screen - for example, mine is yellow and looks like the sun (which is appropriate because the sun IS a star). I didn't even consider this until you mentioned it being green, so thanks for bringing that to my attention, Cloud. ;)

Your welcome buddy! I would never of known either had you not of pointed it out lol! So we unknowingly learned from each other there :P

i would prefer to have the notification honestly, the star thingy is not very stable if you hard reset your X1 they will light up like a Christmas tree.

Thanks for feedback though..

I love Christmas

you and me both man

Bah Humbug!

Your welcome dude :)

It's "You're welcome, dude!"

...not "Your welcome dude"

So, um, you're welcome. ;P

Well thank you very much dude. I appreciate you're help there. Your a good'n :P