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Don't get me wrong I like the new notifications when people come online, but why can't be flush with the bottom of the screen and be long and thin and not so in your face.

when playing titan falls I can't think of one place that wouldn't get in the way except long and thin flsuh with the bottom of the screen, thats for all notifications not just friends online.


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I haven't tried them yet mate as most of mine are turned off but judging by the sound of your description it would be nice if they offered "small, medium, large" notifications for the user to choose from.

One thing I don't like about the notifications is when you get the "your game is ready" kind of pop-up. It takes too long if I hold down the guide button on the controller, but if I go home and then jump into the game bypassing the notification all-together the notification doesn't go away automatically and has a reverse-loading bar that takes forever before it goes away or until you open it up using the guide button. I just wish that it would go away the moment I bring the game up, even if it's not through the notification itself.

@cloud the choice is not a bad idea at all.

@GG Can't say I have noticed that, but when I get game invites I can never tell if its actually activated it due to a delay, so sometimes I start going there manually, only for it to kick half way through, or if you just trying to get in the lobby it takes ages for the Accept now Option to come up, or for it to move on, there is no screen proped saying its working or to cancel etc.

Sometimes, I'll hold the guide button down when the notifications pop-up only to have my controller automatically turn itself off or bring up the shut-down prompt instead. It's one of the things I don't like about "hold [guide button] for more details" or double-tapping to switch from a snapped app - with the Xbox 360, all you had to do was press the guide button once and it worked every time without fail. The last console was consistent with it's guide button, this one not so much, and it's all in the name of returning back to the home screen quickly... Quite frankly, I think it should have been designed in such a way that you only had to press it once rather than hold it down whenever there was a notification on-screen. If you wanted to go home, you would have to wait until the notification was gone. Or they could have designed it so you press the guide button once with notifications, but have to hold it down in order to go home; then if you wanted to turn off your console or your controller, you simply held the button down from the home screen (and to return to your open game or app, you simply used the tiles on the home screen).

I have never had my xbox turn off, but I have gone to the off screen a few times, and agree it could be improved.

Notifications placement is perfect. IMO. If they're not noticeable / in your face, they're kinda pointless. If they bother you in a particular game, the solution is simple. Turn them off during that game. :)

Ah perfect for you, hence the option of choice would be wonderful (i want to visit my settings a little as possible)

That's what I do when watching movies - it gets in the way of the subtitles that I require as a hearing-impaired individual. I find it odd though that there isn't a specific setting to turn them off during videos like there was on the Xbox 360.

eek i hate subtitles, if I read subtitles I miss the movie lol (reading has never been my thing)