Not Working, help needed

I am having problems with my Xbox one. I can't use the party chat (says its blocked with error code 0x8000FFFF) and I can play games (says they need to connect to Xbox live) but I am connected to the internet as I can access my friends list. Also the store gives error code 0x876c0001


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Try a hard reset (hold your finger on the power button on the console for about 10 seconds) then turn it back on again, this clears the cache memory and usual fixes most problems.

If this doesn't solve it I would phone up customer support.

That isn't a hard reset, Shaggy. That what's known as a 'power cycle'. A hard reset wipes everything, games, game saves, accounts etc, etc, and can only be done via 'Settings'.


0x8000FFFF is a network configuration issue. For that, I suggest that you reset your router, and/or check it's settings.

0x876c0001 is a temporary network issue, which has probably been caused by the first issue.

Erm, it looks like we are both right, some sites call it a "hard reset" some call it a "hard restart" and some call it a "power cycle"

Either way, the end result is pretty much the same.

Admittedly Microsoft own support page describes it as a "power cycle" its just that I've seen it called a "hard reset" so many time on these forums I just assumed that's what it was called.

Gone a tad overboard with the links there pal ha!