Not working for me either.

I have done everything Xbox support has asked me to do and we can't get this working.

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Posted this in error and I can't figure out how to delete it.

Don't think you can once it gets a response even if you're the one that responded

What's not working?

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What's not working?


The OPs brain....

My Xbox One smart glass app shows none of my activity or achievements.  Also most of my friends don't show up in the activity feed.

Activity feed is a know issue mate.

Check the 09 - App support forum.

Could I ask what system you are trying to use xb1 smartglass on?we have it on android 4.2 and android 4.3 on 2 devices and it works perfectly,and no one that I know who owns a current ipad has issues either.

Console only

For me

It's not working on any platform. I have tried an iPhone 5, iPad and 2 Win 8.1 computers.