Not understanding FINAL FANTASY XIV

There is no excuse why this game shouldn't be on XBOX ONE and XBOX 360.  PS3 and PS4 can play together which left PC own its own. Why cant SE do the same for XBOX brand?

We went this far with hardly any cross platform games beside SHADOW RUN and FINAL FANTASY XI and really it didn't set the world on fire. PSU went fine with out having cross platform and now you have ELDER SCROLL ONLINE doing it as well.

What the user base on the XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE is not big enough to be its on community on its own?
 Why do we need to be tied in to the PlayStation players just to play the game. So I am looking at this from the outside in its not MS Fault because SE knows damn well that MS was going to say no to cross platform gaming and they went with it anyway.

So in a way they can do the game just they don't want to for what ever reason.

Also that carrying over your account is a lot bullsh*t because if Diablo 3 can carry stuff from PS3 to PS4 and I think most shooter games can as well I don't see why SE can do the same.

One more thing not everybody in the world have all platforms at their house to be bouncing all over the place.

Think about that.


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I dunno I think ms should consider cross platform they agreed to it to get the last final fantasy on 360

That was an exception nothing more, they needed to get any final fantasy game on their platform when the xbox 360 came around.  SE knows the next game wasn't going to be so lucky.

Isn't this one a PS exclusive?

it was suppose to be on all platforms, including XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE.

PC, PS3, PS4 all play on the same servers.

Microsoft doesn't like cross platform servers and in the past has wanted a cut of the monthly subscription so that's why it's not here.

We need a Final Fantasy style MMO RPG on Xbox One console! I can't stomach another dismal dark brown medieval times crapathon, which we get every year. If Xbox One wants to "do more", try giving us something new and refreshing. A Japanese style MMO RPG would be a great start.

they dont care about cutting off the monthly subscription because that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

This is on SE part, they knew coming into making FFXIV that they know in the back of their mind that its not going to work again.

So again why not have just a server for XBOX 360 and XBOX together, they are more then enough consoles out their to make money.

A bit late to react....The first version came out in 2010 and the new version is available since mid 2013.

Too late.


If that is in reference to my statement I didn't say they wanted the subscription removed I said they wanted a piece of it.

@Randver Roger that. Understood.

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