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I'm having an issue on Live where I am not receiving messages that are sent to me.  I get no notifications to tell me I've been sent a message and they do not show up on my message list.  I wouldn't even have discovered the problem, but when I logged on to My Xbox on, I saw I had 4 unread messages that have been sent over the last 24 hours.

Anyone else experience this before?  How do I fix it?


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On the my xbox tab go to the tab next to open tray and hit A (On your xbox by the way)

Go over to online safety

Make sure voice and text are set to allowed (You might want to turn this off then back on if this feature is already turned on.)

Double check all these settings to make sure they are set the way you want them.

I have the same problem and I have tried that and it did

Help plz

i have the same problem. started today and has never happened before. i read somewhere about a call of duty hack that prevents you from receiving invites, but im also not getting party invites either

Same issue here.  Started yesterday once I started Playing MW3.  I don't Mod, FIOS 30MBps up/down, hardwired connnection to router. Ports forwarded and I'm pretty tech savvy.  NAT open, router and network rebooted several times.  Tried turning on and off the voice/text.  Then tried blocking everything and allowing everything (not juts voice text).  

I am the Primary of a family membership, all adults.  I have 2 xboxes in the same room, and I can't send messages from one to the other or vice-versa.  Only one of those xboxes ever plays games (the other is for media streaming and dvd player).  So if it was a hack from MW3 or similar, my 2nd box has never touched that disc.

I'm the only one of over 8 friends playing right now that no one can join and I can't receive messages, join parties, join chats.  anything.  My messages go out, but people can't join requests.  If my message was just voice or text, that goes out, but responses are not shown.  

However, Here;s the rub.  if I sign out and sign back in, then those messages are all there.  Immediately.

Just did it on the phone with a friend.  Also tried from one of my accounts to the other.  They don't show while I'm logged in, but once I log out and log back in, there are there.

So I can can read messages, but I can't join anything even if I know friends are sitting in a lobby waiting (again, just tested on the phone with one of them)


yeah i wasnt sure about the hack it was just something i read. i an join peoples open parties but they cant join anything i send out. they get the messages. i basically reset everything and still nothing. and same with logging out and back in, they show up when i do that. hopefully this is resolved soon

I also noticed I was playing with people who had obviously hacked the system because their gamertag was F**ktard which I knew would be banned immediately if not prevented earlier when creating it. Now I can't recieve messages either and that link at the top isn't helping so don't bother saying it.

same. this is so annoying

wankers Microsoft im getting same issue sort it out I pay for this ***

What the hell is going on? Im not receiving messages, invites and cannot join friends game session on MW3 and they can't John me! Sort it out!!

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.