Not good at Titanfall.

I don't play first person shooters very much so my skills are not that good. I am wondering if it angers good players when a player with lower skill levels play with good players? I am only level 4 in Titanfall and to be brutally honest I suck but I want to get better. Are there other gamers with the same issue as me? I would like to make some  online gaming friends  If someone would like to help me become part of the online community then send me a friend request. Plus I would like to use my headset because then I could chat and learn more that way. Titanfall is fun and I want to experience it the best that I can. So anyone willing to help would be great.


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Hey man I hear ya. I am no pro at shooters, especially with all the people who have nothing but time to pour into the game. I mostly just try to have fun and learn a bit as I go. Feel free to add me and we can try to team up and whoop some butt!

with any FPS... take your time moving around... use cover... learn to not just hold down the fire button... tap fire...   like tap tap tap tap... learn to hip fire (not go down the sights)..learn when to reload..learn the maps.. know the maps, especially spots where people will be...  do not just walk into buildings or around corners... learn to notice which direction your team mates are firing...use the HUD or Mini map...

best suggestion I can give is just do not worry...  have fun..

@tohellnbak: thanks for the tips I have actually tried to do those things and it has helped. I think it will just take time. I mostly play RPG's and action sand box games and TPS's (Gears Of War and TR). What frustrates me most is lack of peripheral vision. Plus I have a difficult time with telling the bad guys from the good guys LOL.

I'm pretty good with shooters, but the mobility that TF offers is putting me through the ringer. There have been many times where I'd see a jump or a wall run & make a go for it only to end up doing it wrong & falling all the way back to the ground where I'm completely vulnerable, out in the open, & have lost time.

Titanfall is honestly one of those games that you can still be "decent" even if you play badly. The whole multiple enemy types makes it a game that almost anyone can pick up and learn and keeps things interesting. The more you play the better you'll get and the more you'll understand how to "cheat" your way through certain things.  When I say cheat I mean you'll learn the shortcuts of the game, how to time your sprinting and wall running and double jumping and things like that.  Very fun game, Respawn did an awesome job at just making a solid, fun FPS.

Hey @vikingland1 I'm in the same boat. Never been much of a FPS gamer but I did play Halo and a few COD games, although not very well. I'm primarily a sports guy. I'm looking for online friends too - I've never had Xbox Live before. I haven't gamed much for several years (graduated college, work, wife, etc.) but the X1 is drawing me back in. I'm getting my X1 Titanfall bundle today. Problem is, I'm studying for a big professional license test so the deal I made with my wife (she's taking the test too) is that I can't touch it until I take the test in about a month. Talk about torture! I won't be activating my Gold membership until then. Add me and we can team up!

Dont say you are not good at Titanfall when the game has been out just for couple days, come back in 2 or 3 month and tell us how great it is and that you had so much fun! :]

Dont worry about playing with l33t players, you paid for the game and you can do what ever you want in it :]

Thanks to all you guys for the encouraging words. I will hang tough and keep practicing.

If you have fun playing video games, that's enough for me....No need to be good,just have fun....Too much people forgot this....

there good in other ways as I tell my friends that are not good at it getting kills .