Not able to access Xbox live on a regular bases for 2 months.

My xbox randomly gets PMS where it decides to just stop connecting to xbox. I knew this after it did it for a while and it lasts for a couple of minutes, hours, or a day then connects fine as it should, automatically, opened nat type. For the past 2 months I have not been able to access xbox live for more than a few minutes, when try I get an error code. Then I have to MAUNALLY connect. Now I wouldn't have mind if it actually you know, connected. Whenever it does it shows that I have an " ! " to my wireless connection and internet saying I have moderate nat type. Which came up all of the sudden because on every other console I own, it says open. My 2 ps3's open. My ps4, open. my xbox one open. Just my xbox 360 slim. 

The reason I didn't adress it earlier was because I've been going through some hard ships and I didn't have time for playing much anyway. I recently moved about  3 weeks ago with still no luck on my xbox connecting to my internet successfully. I read that someone insisted to try re downloading my account. Well thanks a bunch because I'm getting an error code there too so now I can't even sign in. ( 8015190B ) It's really stressing me out because I still do intent to use my xbox 360 aswell as my other consoles, especially since FF:LR is comming out as well as Dark Souls 2. And yes I'd like to be online for the service that is coming out of my pocket. I've tried port opening, 30 second turn off and on of my router/modem, searched forums, nothing is helping me at all. I can only imagine that xbox support will blame my internet provider and to call them, I'm sure that my internet provider will tell me it's not their fault because all my computer work perfectly fine with the internet. Again, just my xbox 360 slim. I know all these error will be avoided if I can just have my xbox automatically signing in again with no problems, Im sure that why I can't even download my own account to my xbox. I'm lucky I even got to be able to download sleeping dogs. It took me 3 hours to do so, a lot slower than before all this madness, I was sure that it was fixed after I was able to download the game, but no. I wake up this morning to my xbox acting up again, tried to hit the forums, and now I don't think I'll be even able to revert to trying to manually sign in my account, now that I can't download it without saying " Downloading account service is unavaliable " which I know is a load of bullocks. 


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