Noob Needs Help: 360 intermittent wired connection...

Older 360.

DSL Modem - > Wifi Router.

All devices in house can connect to wifi no prob.

To connect the 360, I have to disconnect the wifi and use the single ethernet port on the modem to access Live. Have had no problems with this type of connection!

Unfortunately, I can't reconnect the router and then run the ethernet cable directly out of the router (which has additional ethernet ports) - it won't connect. I guess I don't have a supported router.

So I had the idea I'd use an old Linksys Ethernet "splitter" I had - should be the same signal, right?

So I plug the modem into the splitter then one out into the wifi router. Cool all devices work on wifi.

Then I plug the ethernet cable into another out of the splitter. Xbox Works!

Well, for a while.

It will boot me off after a while. It will say "disconnected".

If I go to the "Available Network" screen, I have two icons, one for Wired Network and one for Wireless.

When the ethernet is plugged in directly, there's a check mark in the upper RH corner of the Wired Network icon.

When I tried to run it out of the wifi router, I wouldn't get the check mark at all.

But when I used the splitter, I get the check mark - sometimes.

It flickers on and off randomly. Like right now, it's on and has been since I've been typing. I DL'd a couple of demos earlier tonight and it was on for probably 1.5 hours, then started "flickering".

If I run the connectivity test, everything's fine.

When it's in "flickering mode", and I run a test, if the check goes away it will tell me no connection - but every once in a while it will give me a "limited connectivity" (check mark just started flickering on and off again) message and say something about NAT (NAT type is moderate, restart my modem) and the middle row of green dots will have one yellow "alert" dot. But I'm assuming this is due to the flickering and not a consistent problem becuase it connects fine when it's on for good.

When the check mark is flickering, so are the indicator lights on the front of the splitter.

I'm bummed having to take the wifi offline just to use Xbox live. I had hoped since the hardwired connection worked directly from the modem, then a splitter wouldn't make any difference (but is some kind of signal feeding back through the splitter from the wifi router, since they're all plugged into what I assume to be "parallel" ports?).

I need to try to hardwire and see if it replicates the problem direct - but can't take wifi offline right now (or else I can't do this!). But it didn't seem to do it previously.

I'm using a fairly long ethernet cable - could it be that the length by itself is OK, but when going through the splitter the extra length is enough to cause a problem? Or is it impossible to use a splitter this way (seems like it works OK when it's working OK, so that's kind of odd).




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