Noisy power brick? xbox slim

Does anyone else have this? I do and it's freaking annoying. I might have to resort to buying an old original xbox one with a transfer cable...


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To be honest mate I couldn't really hear it but that may be due to the fact that everyone here is still asleep and I've got the volume right down lol.


I know my power brick is slightly noisier than the 360 itself but I'd have to get right near it to hear it, you can just hear the fan making a slight whirring noise, best way for me to describe it lol, oh and I really wouldn't leave the power brick standing on a carpet ;)

If its too bad, (not watched vid), then either take it back to the shop and get them to swap it, or ring support, 0800 5871102

You do get some noisy ones that's for sure, the one I got with my Gears console certainly was. Thankfully i still had the old power brick (from the old style xbox 360) those things really are silent. So with a very cheap adaptor that allows you to connect the old style power brick to the new slim I now have the best of both worlds

A very quiet xbox 360 with a very quiet power brick


Hoover the thing out. They tend to make noise when the fans are pregnant with dust/

My new GOW3 consoles PSU is about 20 times noisier than my black Xbox s. Might swap the PSUs over, its that loud. Bit disappointed seeing as this in an LE Xbox :O(