No XBL for 14 days!!!! Disgusting support

XBOX forced an update on me which wiped my account details. When I try to login I cant. This issue was reported to XBOX 14 days ago, I was advised this fix normally takes 24 hrs or a max of 10 days.

I've had no emails and had to chase The Advocacy Team constantly.

Anyone know how I can contact the Advocacy Team directly so I tell them what I think? or how to complain? (They gave me a feedback form - I want to complain not feedback)

14 days is a joke.


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Have you tried recovering your GT?  I have never heard of an update that  wipes account information. Perhaps telling us WHAT information was wiped would help. Also, it would be 10 business days, and in the past 14 days, we have had 4 non buisness days.


You could try calling support, but not sure how much help if any you will get on this mater at hand by the phone.

Sounds like a standard security update.  It didn't wipe your account information.  It just requires you to authorize your console by providing your login credentials.  If you don't remember your login credentials, you might try resetting your password.  The steps to reset your password are at  If you've forgotten the email you use to login, contact Xbox Customer Support by phone to see if they can give you a hand.

It will try to update if your hard drive is loose.If it doesnt detect a hard drive it will try to update to the console memory rather than the hdd.Make sure its pushed in all the way  before starting your console.If still nothing try downloading your profile.I had this happen because I use two hard drives that I swap in and out.

" (They gave me a feedback form - I want to complain not feedback)"

Thats just funny!