No TV Audio from Xbox One Passthrough?

I have the HDMI out of my Yamaha RX-567 receiver going into my Xbox One and then the HDMI out from the Xbox One to the television as it is shown in the setup guide.  I then connected an optical cable from the Xbox One back to the receiver.  With this setup, I can see my DirecTV video through the Xbox one, but I get no TV audio.  I am getting Xbox audio, but no TV sound.  On the receiver, I can change the audio input on the receiver for the HDMI port to receive audio from either the HDMI cable or the optical input.  When set to the HDMI cable, I get DirecTV sound as expected, but no Xbox sound..  Went set to the optical input, I get Xbox sound, but no DirecTV audio.

I would assume (and we should all know what that means) that the Xbox would receive the DirecTV audio via HDMI and then rebroadcast it over the optical port, but this seems not to be the case.  I'll do a bit of testing by removing the receiver from the HDMI path to see what happens, but this seems like a pretty big shortcoming of the passthrough on the Xbox.  One begins to wonder what kind of real-world testing they did with the Xbox one during development to have overlooked something as fundamental as this.

The only thing that I can see that might be causing this issue is the receiver itself.  If changing the HDMI port audio input to optical is disabling the HDMI audio passthrough, that would cause these symptoms.  I guess that I should also give Yamaha a call to see what they can tell me.

If anyone else has some other ideas, I'm all ears or, in this case, eyes!


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Good luck. I know that is frustrating. I was having a hard time until I found the optical audio digital output from the Xbox one that I was able to route to the audio home theater input. Now everything seems to work okay.


Thanks for your words of support!

I did call Yamaha and they confirmed that when switching the audio input to the optical port, it disables the HDMI audio pass through as this would normally create a loop that would, of course, cause problems.

So, as a result of this, I had to connect my DirecTV receiver directly to the Xbox One and bypass the Yamaha receiver entirely.  I then moved the HDMI output from the receiver to another input on the TV and all is working well now.  It's not my ideal setup as I would still prefer to switch everything via the Yamaha, but it's a workable solution.

So many bits, so little time...

Can you explain this a bit more? I have a slightly different setup and trying to get it to work.

I have the following:

- Comcast Settop box

- Xbox one

- Yamaha receiver


I have connected:

Settop to Xbox, through HDMI

Xbox to Yamaha, through HDMI

LG TV was already connected to Yamaha, and I have been switching everything thorough Yamaha already.

Everything works fine except one thing - audio for Live TV. I have audio for games, video, etc, everything that comes from Xbox directly. Live TV video works, but no audio. I have gone through the Live TV setup and Xbox correctly controls the settop box (channels up/down).

Previously the settop box was connected directly to Yamaha,  through the same HDMI, and everything worked.

Any ideas?


Sorry to be so slow to respond, but with the holidays and all, I hope you understand.

I believe that the only audio out from the Xbox One is over the optical link.  Therefore, you have to connect the optical out of the Xbox to one of the optical inputs on your receiver and then select that audio input to get the Xbox and Live TV audio.  For the video, you may have to bypass the receiver altogether.  Here is how my setup is configured (the Yamaha gets audio only from the Xbox One):

DirecTV receiver --> Xbox One --> TV

Yamaha A/V receiver <---'

I never thought about taking the HDMI out from the Xbox and through the A/V receiver.  This may work, but you will still have to associate the audio with the optical input from the Xbox.  This is done through the menus on your Yamaha system.  You need to select the HDMI input for the Xbox and then there should be setup options for the audio to use.  You then select the optical input that the Xbox is connected to as the default audio input for that particular HDMI input.  If you're not sure how to do this, Yamaha support can walk you through the process.

So many bits, so little time...