No threads about the MS Build Conference..? Great Stuff to come...

I am not a techie... but some of the stuff they announced today at the conference seems like it is FREAKING HUGE for the XB1... and all windows platforms...  good read on reddit about it... as well as a live/recorded stream

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Reddit thread ~


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Time to make the leap to a windows phone. I love my Droid RAZR MAXX but the new windows phones are looking better everyday. Microsoft is on a roll, seems like more and more good news every week.

from what I get out of it.... eventually the XB1 will have the windows store from the tablet & pc... enabling the XB1 to get apps on it...  seems the main one will might be emulators, and other software...

also gives the devs to design the apps to work across all 3....

I am trying to read up on it.. Neogaf has a huge thread on it also..

I really don't know if I could give up my iPhone for a windows phone. But yes it's good news if you have windows PC and phones/tablets.

^^ I know I can't give up my iPhone so I'm with ya but this is good news regardless :)

Is this the event that is currently in Sydney Australia? Got an invitation to it a month ago. Would of been cool to go but I don't live in NSW.

was in San Fran CA USA

Ah ok must be more than one all around the world.