no surround on x1?

ok so i know there are issues with this. but i was under the assumption that if i use the hdmi to my surround sound i would get surround. however it REFUSES to go above stereo compressed, for what the xbox is outputting. it REFUSES to....this is absolutely retarded. is it because i passthrough the surround box to the tv and since the tv is stereo it can't? frustrating. 


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I can set my sound to surround but having the cable box connected for passthru seems to change it back to stereo every time.

so we actually have no surround sound option?  i can use 5.1 through optical right?

Haven't used optical but am not using passthru for cable TV any more and sound option remains on DTS.

Ya i plug my surround sound system through digital optical and all I get is distorted sound occasionally (crackles) and no 5.1 .  There are no crackles through my tv to surround or xbox 360 through surround.  I will be sending this unit back if no sound update fixes this but not until I test it a little longer.  

I had no issues with this. There is a link on Kotaku about how to remedy this, sorry I don't have it at the moment. My surround works great. I do not know if it is because I have my cable box on HDMI through the X1 and on component HD cables through the TV. I fired it up and it worked flawlessly the first time.

As of right now the only type of sound coming through the optical port is stereo. There will be an update to fix this in the future. When that update becomes available is anyone's guess. Not sure how this wasn't included from the time the XO was created?

x1 component cables? now you really got me confused lol. so the IR cable doesn't help? i have hdmi into my surround box then to tv from the box, however i can't adjust it past stereo on the x1 settings.

optical cables don't even work on my xbox at all. it's not putting out any audio.... sigh

HD component cables for my cable box into my TV and the HDMI for my cable box Into the X1 so I can watch it with or without the X1. My surround works perfectly when watching TV through the X1 with this set up.