no sound from tv

hi can anyone help ?

when i turn on my xbox i only have sound through my headphones. up until recently i had sound through both then i tripped a fuse in my house, since then my tv does not recognise my blu ray or pc . the set up is an hd cable. but strangely if i change for the original cable set up ( non hd ) i have sound through the tv again. but the picture quality is so poor this is not an option. the tv is a samsung plasma and otherwise works fine. thanks in advance.


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Hi, Sidorenkov.


I am not a TV technician, but it sounds like the problem is with the TV, not with the Xbox (or any other part of the setup). if anything it sounds like the programme board may be malfunctioning (specifically relating to the HDMI ports), which could be due to an electrical surge.


The only things I can advise are to rule out each item one at a time. for example, do you use the same HD cable with the Bluray, xbox and PC? if yes then borrow a different cable and try it. Also, just to make double sure change the HDMI port you are inputting to on the TV.


Beyond that I would recommend going to a forum for the TV and asking there, or even contacting the manufacturers directly.

Sorry I can't be more help than that. good luck!

very helpfull thank you