No sound from rear and centre speakers, just connected optical to xbox 360, Please help guys :(

I just bought an optical cable and connected it to my surround sound, I checked the digital audio 5.1, but only sound im getting from is front left and right. Rear 2 and centre speakers dont give sound. Please help and thanks guys


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Does this happen in all games? A lot of older games do not use the center channel, and some XBLA games may not use the center and/or surrounds. But the majority of retail games use the surrounds, so it seems a bit odd.

Note that when playing back music, it will be inserted only into the left and right channels as the Xbox 360 lacks any means of upmixing it to the other channels.

center and rear only comes on when the source is 5.1 if you want rear and center on at all times turn off dolby digital 5.1 in system settings on the xbox360

Also check if your receiver has been set to a mode that is 2ch stereo or a similar name. Even the most simple 5.1 receivers have a mode that even when receiving a 5.1 source, you can change a sound field or a setting that disables certain speakers. On mine, i can disable them individually, but some disable them when choosing a DSP effect like Bass, Natural, etc.