No retreat no surrender.

I was watching no retreat no surrender last night and i thought to myself this would make a great game.




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Classic film !!  I liked the second one too. I remember as a kid watching these films then thinking i was a kung fu expert smashing the house up. Parents were not best impressed....................I don't know how you could make it a game though?? Probaly in the style of Double Dragon perhaps?

I was thinking it could be a trilogy kind of in the same vein as double dragon but then the main fight becomes a one on one dead or alive kind of fight.

Bogsey being Bruce Lee !!  You'd have to have one of the bosses from the 1st film being the fat kid!

Ha ha and that douchey Dan guy as well.

Great movie!  Thats just brought back some great memories!   Those were the days, Bloodsport, Kickboxer they dont make em like that anymore!

Bloodsport was my favourite as a kid...... probably shouldnt have been watching them at that age but i didnt care :)

Macca that was freaking excellent,  I had just started training back then, now Im a 4th degree and have been running my own school for the last ten years, fantastic blast down memory lane, thanks! :-)

Class movie just like 'The last dragon' was...."who's the master"..."shogun"

Remember Sho Kosugi and all the ninja movies!