no reply boxes are showing

sorry to make a thread but no replyboxes are showing up so obviously i cant reply to any thing any ideas how to fix this lol

also i would reply after but cant


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That may be because the forums randomly signed out out.

If not, then enable compatibility view and try using "Rich Text Formatting" instead.

A while back mine used to do that sometimes... It tended to fix itself when I restarted my session but that could have just been luck of waiting for it to fix itself.

If you can't get it to work and want to reply to this thread this might work.

that worked for reply but still not coming up lol well annoying als ouse rich formattings not appearing lol

It's not exactly ideal but if you click the date/time on a particular post you get a link like;

remove the .aspx and afterwards so you have

then remove the number after the p along with the forward slash so you have

then add /reply.aspx


Then you can at least reply... I suspect it will fix itself in time but that will at least allow you to reply to threads. (also maybe try clearing cache?)

oh look i found it

Clear your cookies from your browser and it seems to work straight away...

Its funny that my reply boxes actually werent showing so came to this thread for info and its 3 years old lool. Wondered why Ilusion was posting on here lool

Lmao!! ^ Agreed The timing of that spambot is sensational!

Seriously though, hopefully the current forum bugs die down soon. I have been told that clearing cache is the best way to deal with them but unfortunately that has not fixed it for me. Fingers crossed it helps anyone here.