No mics = Xbox Live dead to me

A few years ago I sold my 360 and went over to the PS3, while the Live community was buzzing!

Now, just recently I re-bought a 360 with all the exclusives (Halo, Gears, etc.) and a few other games with online play. I was shocked and, actually, really depressed to find not ONE single person using a mic these days..

I remember back in the GRAW, COD 2, Halo 3, Modern Warfare days, everyone had a mic and used it, the lobbies were full of chatter / flaming, and the games were just more fun to play when that was the case. I know that with Party Chat coming in, most people are either talking with friends or don't use the mic at all but I hate this.

Also, my friends list has about 50 or so people on it..there's only ever 1-3 MAXIMUM online at one time and the rest haven't been online since I re-bought the console...

It's depressingly dead. I wish it was like it used to be; lively, fun, a good way to make friends, or at the very least chat to some likeminded people. Alas I'm on Halo 4 right now and not one single mic connected..

Party Chat ruined my Live experience.


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[quote user="RagingBull 89"]Party Chat ruined my Live experience.[/quote]And it saved mine.

Now I can play with friends and not be subjected to the foul language of the idiots.

When I was spending the lobby muting people, even those on my own team, I pretty much knew something was wrong.

Those friends of yours who aren't online may have started a new gamertag. If one of those who are still online and playing were mutual friends, you could try asking if they know the new gamertags. 

Go and spend an hour on any call of duty game and you will realise why no one use`s them any more.

There`s nothing like having a 8 year old child telling you what he did [Mod Removed]

Some people need to brush their teeth after each CoD match….

It´s awful...

You were out of the loop a while... mic chat usually is just full of listening to someone's blaring music, over-the-top trash talk that falls under the "ToU violation" spectrum, off-key singing, solicited evesdropping on adolescents arguing with their parents over wanting to play one more match, and random noises.  Most of my Live experience since 2008 was characteristic of this except when playing with friends.  In other words, party chat didn't ruin Live, it saved it.


I will give one example of where random mic chat was actually productive in a game of Borderlands 2 a couple months ago where one guy started talking, and when no one else was on he just started cracking jokes and telling weird anecdotes until we all eventually turned on our mics and chimed in (myself included, and this is rare).  We kept chatting the entire time about random stuff or items we found while we were running around doing missions.  In some rare circumstances, you run into people on your level and the best way I have seen to get people chatting is to be the one to initiate it.  Try that, you may get some people realizing you aren't a 12 year old with a mouth like a sailor and get some people chatting.  Not everyone is in party chat (you can usually see an icon for it and it is usually like 3-4 out of 16 in a Halo 4 BTB match), a lot of people just mute or unplug their mics.

People exaggerate the state of game chat so much. I always switch over to game chat unless I am in a private game. People are just getting soft.  

[quote user="bstn617"]

People exaggerate the state of game chat so much.


No. Wish I was, but it is too consistent for me to need to have my mic in while playing online.  When people are talking it is rare when it is productive.

[quote user="bstn617"]

People are just getting soft.  


No. I am not generally phased by it, I can easily hear it while playing games, I just choose not to plug in my mic and get engaged in rage wars, shouting at people to turn down their music, etc.

sounds like playing on live will be dull now :(

Thanks for your replies people, I will try some of your suggestions.

Hopefully it gets better when Xbone comes out!

People ARE using mics but most of them are in party chat with friends.  Besides using chat now in games like COD and Halo are just begging for have 10 yr olds yelling obscenities at you anyways.

I play old school halo 3 and everyone on there talks???? Maybe you are unlucky?

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