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Just hooked up a new 360 Slim using the HD VGA Adapter that I used on my old 360...I no longer seem to have the option for HD (the image no longer takes up the whole is an HD TV that has a VGA input on it)...there is also no switch on the connector to switch it from TV to HD. It worked fine on my old Xbox....any ideas? If I don't have to buy and HDMI cable, i'd rather not....even though I know they are cheap.



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Well, that would be one solution to use an HDMI cable to use your Xbox in HD.

Also, correct me if I am wrong, but the HD VGA Adapter used for PC Monitors?

The component signal (both 720p and 1080i) is subject to overscan. This means that the screen "zooms in" slighty so that you are sure to see a complete picture with no black or static edges. This is a problem though with the Xbox 360 because it ends up cropping the image.

Well could be a couple things. I am guessing it might be the EDID reporting to the 360 incorrect info or EDID not being used at all. Should be an option under the 360's video settings to disable display detection to troubleshoot.

Other idea is since you don't make it clear what resolution your 360 says you can display the image might be HD and you haven't told the TV to do auto scale calibration.

Some more info about the the display your connecting it to model number or type, and also what the 360 is allowing you to set the resolution to would help. Also pick up a HDMI cable is a great resource. VGA is fine, but with EDID and HDMI you can get better picture quality.