No Force Feedback on wireless racing wheel (WRW02) - New dashboard update breaks all steering wheel force feedback support Part 2.

This is a continuation of this older thread -

Force feedback for the older Wireless Racing wheel is not working - so I'm wondering if the supposed lack of support for force feedback in this wheel was ever resolved, as I cannot find evidence that it was.

I was on live chat with Xbox support person for an hour, did all they advised, but still no force feedback. See below.

Matt: As per comment, force feedback on WRW02 not working
Louie: Hi Matt, how are you? Thank you for contacting Xbox C hat Support. My name is Louie.
Matt: Hi
Louie: I hope your day has been great so far. I understand that you're having issues with your Xbox 360
wireless racing wheel, is that right?
Matt: Yes, it is the older model, force feedback is not working after console update. I have just started using it
after probably a years break
Louie: I'm sorry that you're having this issue though. But I'm glad that you reported this online. We can
definitely assist you with this one.
Louie: Let me check that for you.
Louie: Do you have a link of the picture or the model of this racing wheel?
Matt: let me find it
Louie: Thanks.
Louie: Take your time.
Matt: Here it is on wikipedia
Louie: Thanks.
Louie: Got it.
Louie: We no stop manufacturing and support this unit.
Louie: But let me see what we can do.
Louie: What seems to be the issue that you've notice on this unit?
Matt: no force feedback. Not a hardware issue, but a console software/driver issue according to forum posts I
have seen
Louie: C an I get the link for this forums please?
Louie: I'm checking it now and let me check for updated status.
Louie: Let me check your system with this.
Louie: C an you please provide me the console serial number?
Louie: C an you please verify these information needed to access your hardware account for your product.
Louie: Full Name:
Louie: Email Address:
Louie: Phone Number:
Louie: Zip C ode:
Louie: Street Address:

Louie: Let me register this console on these info then.
Matt: thanks
Louie: You're welcome.
Louie: I got the console registered now.
Louie: Alright, let's run some test on here and see if we can get it back up for you.
Louie: If not we'll create a case number with this.
Matt: Do i need to be connected to Xboxlive? I currently am using my router for another PC
Louie: Not entirely, but we need to have it connected to redownload the update later.
Louie: But we can do it after this chat session if you are using this now.
Matt: OK. I'll get it online . will take me 10 mins
Louie: Okay, thanks.
Matt: Ran Xboxlive test, and it asked me if I wanted to apply the update - I said no, but it would not connect
Louie: We can try that later.
Matt: It's a new update, as I have not conencted to Xbox live for quite a while
Matt: OK. So console currently connected to my router
Louie: Okay, Press the Guide button on the controller. The silver X button on there.
Louie: Then scroll to the right where it says Settings and select System Setting.
Louie: Select Storage.
Louie: Select Hard drive.
Louie: Select Games and Apps.
Louie: And select a game title from the list that you play the most with this wireless wheel.
Louie: Look for anything that says corrupted Or anything with warning sign it has a yellow circle with a white
exclamation point. " ! "
Louie: If you see them, select and delete it.
Louie: If there's none, hit the back button and check the other games too.
Louie: If you can check all the games the better.
Louie: Make sure that each content for all games are all good.
Louie: If there all good, hit the back button twice. That will prompt you back to the storage device screen.
Louie: From here, Press the Y button, Select C lear system cache And select Yes, if it prompt you a message.
Louie: Once your done, take the game disc out if you have one inside and let's turn the console off.
Matt: OK done
Matt: All game content was OK for all the games that use wheel controller
Louie: And let's do a full power cycle reset.
Matt: How do I do a full power cycle reset?
Louie: Are you using an AC adapter to connect the wireless racing wheel to the console?
Matt: It has an AC adpater yes, which is functional. Wheel connects to console wirelessly
Matt: AC adapter powers the force feedback and rumble
Louie: Because you can only use force feedback when you use the AC adapter to connect the wireless racing
wheel to the console.
Matt: I know - but it is still not working even with AC adapter connected
Louie: C arefully remove the AA battery pack from your Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel.
Matt: done
Louie: Let's take the game disc out if you have one inside and let's turn the console off.
Matt: done
Louie: Let's disconnect everything that's connected to the console.
Matt: done
Louie: From the front panel to the back of the console.
Louie: And let's disconnect the power cord from the power supply unit to the wall outlet too.
Louie: And lastly let's remove your hard drive.
Louie: If you do, It's going through a power save mode, let's wait till it fully shut itself off.
Louie: It normally takes about 2 or 3 minutes at the most.
Louie: Once it's off, let's reconnect everything back in.
Louie: Start with the hard drive.
Louie: And then the cables.
Louie: And plug the power cord to another wall outlet.
Louie: Once you got everything connected in place and firmly plugged in, whenever
Louie: you're ready turn the console on.
Louie: C onnect the power supply cord to the power input on the back of your wireless racing wheel.
Louie: When the cord is fully inserted, you will feel the cord stop. C onnect the AC power cord to the power
Matt: done
Louie: When the cord is fully inserted, you will feel the cord stop. C onnect the power cord to a standard
electrical outlet.
Matt: done
Louie: Press and hold down the Xbox Guide button or the Start button until the wireless racing wheel turns on.
Louie: And go to your Storage device screen, highlight the option Hard drive.
Louie: And press the LB, RB and the X button on your controller.
Louie: Select Delete system update.
Louie: This will restart the console and when it does it may prompt you to update, receive the update this
Louie: Once your all done try your Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel.
Louie: Take your time.
Louie: Let me know if that helps.
Matt: just waiting for update to install
Louie: Thanks.
Louie: Take your time.
Louie: What's the progress now?
Matt: im going to test some games
Louie: Okay, what games you play with this?
Louie: How are you doing so far?
Matt: tried 3 games, no force feedback on any of them, just rumble
Louie: What games?
Matt: Forza 3, colin mcRae 2005, baja edge of control, need for speed shift
Louie: And no response on all games with this?
Matt: correct. As I suspect, from forum posts, you latest console updates do not support force feedback for
the WRW02 wheel. Do you have an update on this (as commented on in the forum link I sent you) as one of
the Xbox support guys stated in the forum (handle - Mister Darcy) "Greetings, ONLY NAPSTER. Thank you for
reporting your experience to us. I wanted to jump in here and confirm that we are currently testing a fix for
this issue with a group of users. Hang in there! "
Matt: This was dated August 23, 2012
Louie: Yes, I've read that too.
Louie: Let me create a case for you with this.
Matt: Then surely someone in the xbox support world must know if this has been resolved or not?
Matt: Can driver for racing wheel be rolled back?
Louie: I appreciate your concerns. C ustomer satisfaction is our main goal, so I will forward your comments to
the Xbox 360 team.
Louie: This has been discontinued.
Louie: But that is absolutely not the situation we want you to have.
Louie: I'll be documenting your feedback though. Knowing Microsoft, we're always innovative with our
policies, products and services to bring about positive impact to customers like you are.
Louie: We appreciate your time, cooperation and your patience with this.
Louie: Your reference number is 1189625235.
Louie: This can be provided to an agent as a record of our conversation if you need additional assistance.
Louie: This is your case number or what we called a service request number.
Louie: Rest assured that we will handle this issue with outmost care and we will do our best to get to the
proper resolution for it the soonest possible time

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Hey there Matt! After checking out your transcript here, it sounds like this agent has created a case for you and is going to be looking into this. I would make sure to check with them periodically and see what they come up with. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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