No Cross-Platform makes me almost regret

First off, for the most part I like the console a lot. However, with lack of cross-platform party chat it begins to make me regret springing into the new console so early. Now I understand that the new one uses a different codec and all but isn't this suppose to be the console of the future? Maybe making a new app specifically for  joining/hosting Xbox 360 party types? At least then I could communicate with the majority of my friends who are unlucky enough to not be able to upgrade quite yet. Again I'm not at all sure if this is at all possible but it would definitely be a step in the right direction.


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Probably not gonna happen. I hope they work hard improving the xbox one and keep moving forward....

Not sure why you regret the purchase. It was widely known well before release that cross platform chat would not be available.

Yep it was confirmed a long time ago it won't happen due to different software running on x1

I'm going to be getting my Xbox One before a lot of my friends, but I will still have my Xbox 360. 

I did say almost, I didn't spend to much time looking into it or anything but I didn't hear them saying that on any of their commercials.

they wont have negative stuff on commercials. they are to get sames not take away sales

I don't get the point of your post. Are you looking for sympathy or an MS rep to come on here and vow to fix it? This is a non issue really. Please don't complain if it's not a real issue. This just sounds like a cry for attention.

The "console-of-the-future" doesn't need to have everything the last gen did and more. They improved audio and in doing so it wasn't compatible with the old stuff. That IS moving forward.

Um Camaro, No need to be a jerk. I'm Just voicing my opinion, and where better to voice it then on Microsofts forums? I was just *suggesting* they develop an app to be able to party chat with 360 owners. It doesn't have to be integrated in the ones party system and it would be nice if a microsoft rep would comment saying its being researched further. Just because your cool enough to have a one and all those games doesn't mean everyone else is, and it would be nice to chat with my old friends while playing a new game