No Center Channel Audio on 5.1 Headphones (optical audio)

Just got a pair of Turtlebeach DXL1 5.1 headphones and I am encountering a problem of a lack of the "center" channel in game, so I receive no in game voices while playing.

Right now my slim xbox has HDMI going to my receiver which I had used in the past with no issues. It currently is how the video gets to my TV, and I mute it when I play using the headphones. The headphones are connected to the Optical port on the xbox. All audio other than the center channel passes fine it seems. If I unmute my receiver I get the center channel and all other sounds from my receiver, but not on the headphones.

Is there some xbox issue with having both HDMI and Optical hooked at the same time? I don're really have a means to get video to the TV without using HDMI, which still would require the optical cable to get audio to the headphones.

Anyone else experience this before? Is there some way to work around this issue short of needing to play the audio out of both my speakers and headphones?


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Since I can't seem to edit my post...

Update: If I plug my HDMI directly into my TV and bypass the receiver, I get full audio in the headset. However this is not a ideal way to play since it requires manual switching of cables, and a HDMI switch seems to go the wrong way ( I would need 1 in switched to 2 out, not the way switches usually work)