No audio with Xbox one

I just replaced my working Xbox 360 with a Xbox One.  My setup is Xbox One out via HDMI to a Denon AV3808CI receiver.  I found the feature were you add the device to your TV settings but I still get no sound.  I am aware that the One shipped without the ability to do Dolby Digital but after searching for a answer to this issue it seems that it should be able to do a PCM (uncompressed audio).  Any help would be appreciated. 


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I am also having the same issue.  I am getting a message under the Display and Sound stating that " your TV connection is set to DVI.  For sound, you'll need an optical audio cable. If you are using an HDMI cable, switch your TV connection to an HDMI setting."  I have a Sony receiver and the TV is set to an HDMI setting and yet the only thing that works is the TV. there is no sound from any Xbox apps.  any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

Well I got mine to work but I suspect that it is not your problem but I will post anyways even though it makes me look kinda like a idiot.  It was my understanding that with HDMI (digital) you either get all or nothing via the connection.  I my case Ihad video but no audio.  I have a vertical AV rack with all my stuff on it and when I connected up my XBOX One and slid it in to its position on my rack the HDMI cable came ever so slightly loose.  Loose enough for no audio but it still sent a video through.  This really confused me and sent me down a different trouble shooting path.  When I finally re-checked my connections I noticed the loose HDMI cable.  Anyways, thats what I did.  Now I have to deal with not have sound come from my center speaker.

Hmmm, the way I do my setup I use 2 HDMIs to the receiver. DVD/XBOX ONE, HDMI Out/ HDTV.. Seeing as that you get better sound with HDMI then optical audio. That way I have the picture and sound running true the receiver.

We finally fogured out the the message shown was referring to the XBOX console settings and not the Television settings.  It sounds sily but the fix was to set the TV settings on the Xbox console to HDMI.  We kept thinking it was the set-up from the TV.  I think that the message we were getting was unclear and should be updated for the user to check the XBox consoe settings.  In any event, the sound is working (although not through the surround sound receiver...that I have yet to fogure out).  Happy New Year!