no access to xbox live for over 80 days ..

i am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how long (if at all) did it take to fix it ??

When the new security proofs asked for you to update your xbox live account details I was unable to remember my password to sign into my account. When going to the page to reset the password for my live account, I found that the live account associated with my gamertag no longer existed and had been deleted by Microsoft live (due to inactivity I assume). Not a problem I thought, just recover the account ... which is what I attempted to do. However, when trying to verify the account it was requested that I receive an email and click on the link to verify that I am 'human' ... but I no longer had access to the email account to which the email would be sent ... having changed internet providers, and therefore email addresses. So I contact xbox live support via the chat facility to discuss what I should do. After trying to explain what I required, which was a change to the email address associated with my gamertag I was told that although it was a simple process, it would require attention from the Advocacy team. Ok, I said, I look forward to hearing from them about this. Approximately 3 weeks later, after much contact via chat, email and phone calls to xbox live support I receive an email from the Advocacy team requesting that I create a new live account, provide them with my console id and await further instruction as to when this would be resolved. Another 14 days pass and I contact xbox live support to find out if there has been any progress with my issue .. no, nothing. I then receive the exact same email from another representative of the Advocacy team requesting the same information I had provided in the first email. (new live id and console id). Another few weeks pass and still nothing... so I contact xbox live support again ... go through the explanation about how I got into this predicament and what little assistance or communication I had received so far. So I am now over 80 days without access to my xbox live account and when contacting the support team via email I now get the following automated reply:

Dear Xbox Live Customer,


We would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us in regards to the error that occurred on your Xbox LIVE account. Rest assured that we are committed to resolving your issue quickly and efficiently. At this time, your service request with Xbox LIVE is still under investigation.  The issue you are
experiencing requires engagement of one of our product teams for further research.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any estimated timeframe for the resolution, however we will ensure to keep you updated as to any progress on your open investigation. 
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Thank you for being a valued Xbox LIVE member and for your patience while we work to resolve your issue.


Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Team 


Ok, so there is no timeframe for resolving this issue, and apparently changing the email associated with my gamertag requires the engagement of the product time for further research... YOU CANT BE SERIOUS !!!!!

I am beginning to think that this is never going to be resolved and I am slightly annoyed that having paid for a full 12 month subscription only 10 days prior to this starting I am paying for something I have no access to. Not to mention that I have lost all the achievements and purchases associated with my gamertag. I am now paying for another account monthly to be able to use my console and access xbox live, Has anyone else had this problem and if so, were you able to recover your account? Looking forward to hearing your feedback


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