Ninja Gaiden 3 achievements list.


For you sadists out there, although the majority are secret.


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Probably gonna be someone on these forums ready to dedicate some time getting these!

nvrhere (think hes changed his gt now) and I think it was piztup who kicked NG 2s @@@ will be all over them ! I on the other hand I will be getting my @@@ kicked by NG3!!


NG2 absolutely wooped me so dont even know if I will bother trying again !


I'm am going to get this, no doubt, I regret not giving the second one a go but if it's anything like the first Ninja Gaiden for the xbox, I'm in.

Will probably spend alot of my spare time getting these achievements. Hard game, rewarding achievements.

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nvrhere (think hes changed his gt now) and I think it was piztup who kicked NG 2s @@@ will be all over them ! I on the other hand I will be getting my @@@ kicked by NG3!![/quote]

Yup that was me, game is a day one buy for me but I doubt it will be even close to the difficulty of NG2 (hope I'm wrong). Better get the MP ones out of the way fast because Tecmo's net code is diabolical, I predict the unneeded MP side of things will die very soon.

I've got this terrible feeling that Gaiden 3 will be far more accessible to the masses.  Accessibility, although not a bad thing, ruins the feel of a game when over done.  FFXIII-2 is, amazingly, even more easy than FFXIII!  I haven't finished it yet, but I've been trying my hardest to keep the game going, as I spent £40 on it.  Gaiden 2's achievements were a bit silly, truth be told.  Having to go through the game and use certain weapons in order to unlock them was padding in the extreme.  I've read a few snippets of info on the game quite a while back, and the director seemed hell-bent on making the game more approachable for everybody.  Although he did point out that there would still be a challenge for veterans.  I'd find it very hard to pass up a Ninja Gaiden game, so, I'll be getting it, no matter what.

Got to say that despite loving the first and (to a slightly lesser extent) the second games I think I'm going to pass on this one. Everything I have read about it makes it sound less and less like a Ninja Gaiden game.

1) The addition of the QTE steel on bone thing. NG for me is all about the smoothness of the gameplay to interupt your attacks midway through to zoom in and show you 'cutting through bone' just seems wrong.

2) The multiplayer- the video I saw was so bad it made me cringe. There were a load of people running about and they had to wait for the QTEs to finish.

3) The demon arm - wtf is up with that?

4) Focus on story- who decided that was a good idea the story should play second fiddle to the action.

5) Removal of the store- being able to upgrade your weapons with essence from your enemies led to you risking UTs and playing the game in a certain way to get the most essence you could.

6) Speaking of weapons - the new series director says he wants to focus on swords this time. In fact I have not seen another weapon (outside of the bow) in this game which is a real shame as the last one had some great weapons the falcon claws (is it?) were so much fun and how i always imagined a wolverine game should play only even cooler as they were on your feet too.

I just can't get excited by this game at all which is a shame really but this is one NG I think i'll pass on.