Nightmare with xbox and microsoft support please help me find who I can contact to get this problem resolved.

Here is an email I received from Devin who is the person who should be able to resolve this issue I have. In my response to that email I clearly explain exactly what problem I am having. My goal of this post is not to just complain but find out who is at fault and what I can do to resolve this. Thank you.

Said email,

Service Request: 1223158411
Dear Matt
My name is Devin with the Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Team. I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us and I am happy to assist you in obtaining a replacement token to get you back in the game! In order to help, I just need a little more information.
It looks like your pre-paid card is registering as invalid when you attempt to redeem it. In order for to assist you further with this issue, I ask that you provide the following information:
Required information
  • A scan or legible picture of the front of the pre-paid card
  • A scan or legible picture of the back of the pre-paid card
  • A scan or legible picture of the receipt
Note:  Please ask the retailer for another copy if you no longer have the receipt.
Important Directions for Sending Images
  • Send the images from a computer as the images will sometimes be blocked when sent from a cell phone.
  • Keep the file size of each image under 2MB (2 Megabytes).
  • Use the Attach option when sending the images.
    • Be sure you are not dragging the images into the body of the email.
Thanks for your diligence while working with me via email. If you follow the above steps there should be no issues receiving the images on my end. If you have any other concerns regarding this issue, please respond to this email directly and I will happy to help.
Thanks again and hopefully next time I speak with you it will be because I am providing you a replacement code. I hope you have a great day!
Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Specialist
Customer Advocacy & Exceptions Management Team
My reply that explains everything,
It appears I have finally found someone who can help me. So I will explain to you what is going on and what problem I am having. I pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V for the xbox 360 from the Microsoft store, part of the deal of the pre-order was to receive a free coupon for 1600 Microsoft points I was told when I pre-ordered that there would be a 2 week wait for the code for the Microsoft points to be sent out. Two weeks later I received the code. So, I go to the check out for the 1600 Microsoft points and it says to enter input the code for them. I input the code and it accepts the code, and says thank you for your purchase or something like that. When I go to use the points which should have been converted to money due to the recent changes on xbox live, they are not there. So I go on my account on xbox live and check my balance and there is a balance of .50 cents. Which means that something went wrong with the transfer not with the code from my understanding. I checked my account history and on there is a purchase of 1600 Microsoft points at the cost of $00.00 usd. I haven't been on my xbox in a while and I had to do the update for the new Microsoft points to real currency around the same time that the code was accepted. I believe that something went wrong there. 
His reply to my email,
Service Request: 1223158411
Dear Matt
This is Devin again. I am sorry to hear about your pre-paid code (PPC) issue and I will be happy to take a look to see what I can do. I want to share what I was able to find when going over the information I have here.
After taking a closer look and thoroughly going over all of the documentation that I can regarding this issue I have confirmed that this token is invalid. The only option at this point would be to see if the retailer is willing to return or replace the PPC.
To avoid this issue in the future I would like to recommend making purchases for Xbox Live currency or time from one of our authorized retailers. Another option is to make your purchases for Xbox Live currency or time directly through the Xbox Live Marketplace.
Again, the only option would be to request a refund or replacement from the place of purchase. If you happen to have further concerns regarding this issue, please feel free to respond to this email and I will be happy to help.
I think you for your patience and understanding.
Xbox Customer Care Advocacy Specialist
Customer Advocacy & Exceptions Management Team : here is proof of my claim, ie my xbox purchase history, no purchases after 1600 purchase balance still .50.

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Also thought i should add the gta5 preorder code email.

Should also note that I have contacted both xbox live and the microsoft store and been directed to each other twice already. This is also after the problem was upgraded to the escalation team. The first time I got the problem upgraded to microsoft escalation team I was supposed to get a call back, a week later I called them up and they said that it was never escalated. So they escalated it again and here I am with Devin.

Here is the Support forum 

Try posting in 06, 07 or 10. 

Thanks I went ahead and did that

Hope it works out.