NHL Jersey's For Female Characters

Good day,

I am a female games and have owned an xbox account since 2007. I recently noticed you've finally gotten the licensing for NHL gear on xbox which made me ultra excited to purchase a jersey for my avatar. While on the market place on my computer I was unaware I could see clothing for me and women. So when I tried to buy the jersey and it wouldn't let me. I got confused and finally noticed the small font stating: "item not available in your gender". I have a serious problem with this. You have NBA and MLB jersey's available for female avatars and not NHL jerseys? I feel like this is a little sexist to assume that females would not want to purchase a jersey of there favourite NHL team. I'm sure its only small amount of codes to allow the jerseys to be made available for female avatars.

I honestly believe I should not have to post this here as it should have never been an issue... but here we are. If someone could give me a reasonable answer as to why xbox has decided to be sexist in deciding only to offer the women players the opportunity to purchase this item. I'm all ears. I have been waiting for NHL clothing to come out for my avatar since you've started to release sports clothing for avatars.

I look forward to hearing an adequate response.


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I also would like an answer to this. After waiting so long for NHL apparel for my Avatar, Im left pretty pissed off. Its bad enough theres stereotypes a plenty regarding women in real life, it is now also in a simple avatar clothing section.

I'm with you ladies whole heartedly.  VERY disappointed!!!!

Could not agree more.  I was willing to spend money on an avatar item, which I NEVER do, but all I can get is a stupid hat?  Enraged is the word for it when I realized men could buy jerseys.  There is no rational reason for the omission.

I have to agree that this is ridiculous. I realize that women may not be your premiere target audience, but not giving us the same opportunity to buy what is basically a t-shirt avatar item for our favorite NHL team is just ludicrous. I too would like an explanation why I can only buy a hat and not a jersey, my 240 MS points are just as good as a male avatars!

Forgive my ignorance of all things NHL, I'm from the UK... Disclaimer over.

Do NHL teams have women's teams?, football (soccer) teams and rugby teams here in the UK have women's teams that are supported by the mens team.

Just done a bit of research into this and the NHL teams online stores stock womens clothing and replica shirts, so it does seem a little unfair that XBL marketplace doesn't.

Marketplace stock male and female soccer shirts, so seems rather unfair.

No NHL jersey is worth purchasing unless its from the Dallas Stars. All jokes aside, it does seem a bit sexist.

Seriously. I want my Avs jersey! Has anyone at Microsoft BEEN to a hockey game?! Females wear jerseys too! So much so that RBK, CCM and Nike have started making "women's cut" jerseys....and pink ones too!!! Get with it microsoft!

I really wish MS would just get over this whole gender thing and make ever item available to both genders period. Just do it. Stop caring if males wear dresses and skirts or girls wear male dress pants and suits. Who cares! It's utterly pointless to limit things like this. It is so limiting.

I guess everything at some point can be complained about.

Not everything and everybody is sexist. Heyzeus creesto.

I enjoy how xbox support on twitter sent me here so I can just vent and to likely be ignored.

Excellent support friendos

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