NHL Gamecenter, MLB.TV Missing from XBOX ONE

What the Heck, like someone said in another thread, XBOX ONE is taking a step backwards in many ways.

There is no App to connect to my NHL Gamecenter subscription like there was with X360, which allowed me to watch NHL games on the big screen while using the DVR to record any live TV shows at the same time.

Also I notice that there is no MLB.TV App for the XBOX ONE, another shortcoming that I used almost daily on the 360.

Do I have to keep my 360 in house and re-connect each time while disconnecting my X1 in order to have the same capability before I invested $500?

This is certainly unexpected if not somewhat deceitful, who would expect capabilities to disappear on a newer and more expensive model?

Will there be NHL and MLB.TV Apps coming out for the XBOX ONE?


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Exactly. MS acted like this product would be the center of your living room, doing everything that you would want it to do. Yet, they are lacking SPORTS apps (and what is bigger in America, or anywhere else, than sports?). If MLB season rolls around and there is no MLB.TV app AND no MLB game for X1, I will definitely be selling my console. So far Ps4 has blown Xbox One out of the water in almost every category.

I think the problem is that MLB and the NHL need to make entirely new apps for the Xbox1 and that hasn't happened yet.