NGG Recruiting

NGG - Next Generation Gamers over at is an established community clan coming up to our 3rd year now

At NGG we are more of a community clan where everyone of our members gets along and has a laugh

We currently play in the MW3 and GOW3 leagues

We are now looking for extra players on MW3 to build our 2nd team and BF3 players to start a BF3 team to also compete in the WGL leagues they run

For you that have not heard of the WGL, It is a very friendly run gaming league site that supports MW3, GOW3, BF3 and Fifa

Clans play each other over seasons and in divisions but each team must meet certain requirements like team website, maturity, roster sizes, etc

So anyone wishing to get involved with NGG in our MW3 team or help us get our BF3 team going then pop over today and get involved

All our members can take part in any games we have so your not stuck to just 1 game at NGG, You can play any game we support should you wish

We do require:

16 or over

Active on XBL and our forums


NO gamertag change is needed

Many thanks and hope to see some new games to NGG


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