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About NGG: NGG over at www.nextgenerationgamers.co.uk are an established small clan that is coming up to our 2 year mark in July
ATM we have around 10 members and with NGG looking to compete in both MM and SnD leagues we are looking for some gamers to join us

K/D and Win/Loss do not mean anything to us, Its your maturity, activity and dedication that we want
We want you to enjoy gaming in a friendly enviroment with like minded gamers, We want you to have fun in publics and give you the oppertunity to play more seriously in clan matches

We have at least 3 games a week on Black Ops in either clan,league or scrim matches so we have lots of activity for you
Along with all the publics we play

At the current moment Black Ops is the main game for many gamers and for NGG

We therefore are looking for EU Black Ops players to join us at NGG

We have just finished a season in the www.thewgl.co.uk
In the Mixed Mode league on WGL we were placed in division 2, We are looking to place better next season and get promoted
In the custom SnD mode we were placed in division 4, We have been promoted to division 3 for next season also was undefeated in the XBCL and now in divsion 2 but looking to go to division one
In both leagues we are looking to carry on up the divisions and build a decent team

We have also just signed up to XBCL where we shall be taking part in the leagues they run

We ONLY require ACTIVE gamers who can be active not only on XBL but on our forums also
You must be 18 or over and can work as a team, But also as important is be mature and up for a laugh


If you think you may be interested in joining us at NGG, Then pop over and get involved
NO gamertag change is required
You shall be placed on a 4 week trial in which you can do EVERYTHING a full member can, Play matches,etc,etc
At the end of your trial your application shall be put up for voting by our full members

As a member you are not just a number, You are a valued member and you have a say in EVERYTHING within the clan


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Hello to all and if you are looking to join a clan i strongly suggest you give us at NGG a try

If you want fun and games along with the competitive edge in clan matches then pop along today