NextGen XBOX Durango details HUGE shock and disappointment! :'(

So I read some early release specs on the upcoming nextgen XBOX, code named Durango. Apparently Microsoft intends to make this box "always on", requiring a permanent Internet connection and REQUIRING a Kinect to be connected in order to operate. Additionlly it has been brought to light Microsoft's patents on software that can detect how many people are in the room and possibly even WHO is in the room with facial recognition. All to be able to charge you additional media license or rental fees while simultaneously gathering personal information and targeting you individually with advertisements, no doubt. This is crossing the privacy line and is infinitely beyond the pure entertainment experience that I am willing to pay hard earned money for. I'm completely disappointed and outraged because XBOX is currently my favorite console and online experience but I have absolutely NO interest in the Kinect features or in having SPY box in my house. Sony has already announced the PS4 will be fully functional offline with no requirement for goofy useless audio/video accessories. I can probably only afford one nextgen console and Microsoft stays on their current trajectory I'm switching to Sony, sorry to say.

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We have a TON of these posts.

All you can read and see online are rumors.

Those screenshots or whatever can be fake or it can be some year old.

There are NO official news.

Good, I'm glad there are a ton of these posts.  Maybe Microsoft will get the message and these "rumors" will stay just that, rumors. I will be a happy camper if they do.  The documentation seemed to be in the planning stages and probably the work of over zealous developers, not final release specs.  None the less, I've invested thousands of dollars in XBOX and XBOX 360 over the years and therefore feel my opinion is valid and and valuable, not to you maybe, but to Microsoft.

I never said your opinion is not valuable ;)

I just mean we don´t know yet.

We don´t know what is true.

If some of the rumors are true, we still don´t know if it is good or bad cause we would need to try the console first.

Some features are hated at first and liked after trying it out.

At least that how I see it :)

There are many many things in life that I do not need to try in order to know if they are good or bad or if I desire them or not.  You are right, we will wait for the end result and see but if the result is undesirable then, well, I will exercise my purgative.  Making these kind of "features" required when they could, just as easily and for less expense, be optional to suit everyone could only be a nefarious move to profit from invading the personal privacy of those who object.  Something of a disturbing trend these days with online service oriented companies.  I've always trusted Microsoft in this regard and had no qualms about using any of their products or services.  I've always comsidered them being on the side of consumer privacy rights so that's why I'm so miffed at even a hint they are going down the road of Google.  Thanks for your replies though, I'm glad to hear your thoughts and its a good discussion.

its all rumors not ture untill said by microsoft

If they are. They'll never see a dime of my money again

I will not support always on internet connection. Having to install games. Anything that blocks used game market. These are all deal breakers and I see them as attacks on my freedom for corporate greed.

Agreed and it's getting out of control all over the place so I am going start drawing a lime in the sand the only way I directing my dollars and patronage.

I want a Next Gen Console not an Entertainment hub.

The rumors are killing my excitement. Plus now I don't wanna buy anything Microsoft until I know because I don't want them using my own money to turn these rumors into fact. Its sad times that any of these features are even talked about. Not to mention I'm sick of paying for my console, games, internet, TV,and  Xbox live subscription and still being stuck with advertisements on my console. Getting away from the commercial crap is why I bought a game system to begin with.....

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