What does everyone want to see in the next box. What Ram, GPU ect. Also how it works with Kinect, Windows phone anFacebook ect. Do you want Solid State HD?


When do you think it will be released? Im thinking it will show at E3 2012 and release in NOV 2012...heres hoping.


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I'll just wait and see what happens.

oh are we allowed to request the hardware now

are microsoft heading in a new direction?

Backward compatibility.

If my nextbox can't play all my downloaded xbla games and addon dlc Imma hurt some people

I hope they leave RROD out this time.

Now that's a good idea!

I'd like to see the nextbox or (Xbox Three) come with blu-ray for HD Movies, being able to buy apps from a marketplace on Xbox LIVE and have it auto-sync to Windows Phone 7 would be pretty neat.

No backwards compatibility would make me unhappy. I'm really dissapointed Microsoft didn't support this properly with the Xbox 360.


Technically I expect a next generation console to be on par with a high end PC of today, just like the last one was. Realistically a quad core CPU, 2gb of RAM, and probably a HD5000 series equivalent GPU minimum (quite possibly a dual core) with independant RAM. Before people scream that's not high end remember what this sytem currently has in it and how well it works because of optimisation for one set of hardware in comparison to multiple configurations. It would be more than enough for a next generation system I think personally considering just what they squeeze out of this one with the ancient hardware it's actually running on.


Also should have Blu Ray seems it's an accepted format now, or if not then alot of HDD space for downloading games. I actually expect it to run off a cloud service like Steam which I believe Microsoft is gearing up towards with their next update to Xbox Live (cloud saves etc). Which means most games will likely be digital download aswell as retail.

I would love to see a service like Steam on consoles. DRM or not, it's great being able to buy awesome games for dirt cheap prices (when on sale) and just load them up from the client. I only hope if we do get a MS steam service that we don't have to make one billion accounts on Origin et al.

EA would be really stupid to try and compete with Microsoft like that to be honest. Steam's different. Microsoft own the console. EA would lose out on a ton of sales on consoles if they fought Microsoft like they're fighting with Valve over PC because Microsoft would refuse to allow them on their system full stop. Valve don't own PCs, it's an open source platform in this respect where EA can just make their own service and distribute it how they see fit.

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