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I have heard pretty reliable rumors that the new xbox is going to be server based with doesnt allow any discs to play the game. This might hinder a small part of the market. Where parents buy there kids an Xbox 360 to play the games with out Xbox Live. Not all of us are tech geeks who know how to set up Xboxes to get the best expeirience out of them. If it was up to me I would be happy as hell to have the Xbox web based where you could purchase a game from your living room with out having to stand in line to get the newly released copy. Im just thinking of the simple man who doesnt want all the online fancy equipment, he who just wants to buy his kids an xbox to play together without the added and great add-ons. Im just thinking of the xbox as a full market existance. Does any one agree or shouyld we just poop on the little guy and game like its suppose to be?? All input is welcome. Take Care. I love my 4 Xbox's, Kinect and 2 Playstation 3's. Please reply with your honest opinions.. Take Care. Zigger21


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Or maybe when you buy a game at gamestop, or what ever for the new xbox. They give you a code that will be active at that day? That would be epic.

the next gen will still use discs, i have onlive and can say the gaming industry is nowhere near ready for it, neither are the broadband providers. i use between 2 and 4 Gigabytes of usage an hour for onlive playing either dirt 3 or saints row 3, times that by how many people there are registered to onlive, playstation 3, xbox 360 and the broadband providers will shut down.

Greetings Zigger,

In my honost opinion, I seriously doubt that Microsoft will release the next consol as a non-disk unit,  They already have that feature in there Windows based cell phone. Also, I foresee them as NOT being backwards compatible. Since the Xbox 360's innards are nothing but PC based componets, that would be like going out and buying a brand new super computer and the old CD-DVD software wouldn't work.  Until we have an official announcement from the Big "M" themselves, take everything with a grain of salt.  Let me give you a few things in my opinion that counter popular belief.

1: A lot of sites like Game Informer and I.G.N. are calling the next Xbox, the Xbox 720. There reason Microsoft will NOT call the next consol this is becuase the mere mention of "720" makes people think of a HD resolution that's already inferior to what Xbox can do now. It won't even be called 1080 because we're at that now. My guess is Microsoft will not have a number in the next Xbox title.

2: A lot of sites again are guessing and begging for Blu-Ray.  I don't see the big "M", bowing down to Sony to use their disc format. I have read the Toshiba and or Phillips has been in work creating a Hi density DVD disc that will actully rival Blu-rays storage capacity.

3: The "sites" again are speculating on a full streaming service like steam to get rid of game discs.  Again, not going to happen. That service is why to new and a good chuck of people don't have decent enough service right now to warrant isolating the niche of players who now use discs.  Even myself couldn't use a streaming service becase of my weak signal. I drop from Xbox Live all the time.

Take Care and Cheers! :)

i would like to see a blu ray player and backward compatilble

I do know that the new box will have download only, possible buying the code number then get the downloaded game. The problem with this option is human error. We all know that downloaded game have many issues from missing parts, to corrupt files. The new 720 maybe out as soon as December 2012.

If it's DL only, they can keep it.

[quote user="Zigger 21"]

I have heard pretty reliable rumors that the new xbox is going to be server based with doesnt allow any discs to play the game.


I'm not sure who your 'reliable source' is, but they're wrong. 


The next Xbox will NOT be 100% digital distribution (i.e. No discs).  DD will be optional, as it is now (games on deman), but deinitely not 100%.  We're moving that way, but people aren't ready to give up the discs yet.  MS would be committing video game market suicide if they did so. 


In fact, I've already hard some extremely reliable info that the next Xbox will have blu-ray, but since it's now the standard (no more format war), that's not surprising.

What are peoples thoughts on backward compatibility with all Xbox 360 accessories. Namely the HD DVD player. I appreciate the format is dead but I doubt I am alone in owning several films on this format. I'll be damned if I can't still watch a good old HD DVD if I wish!

My thoughts is the Next Xbox will literially be be Xbox 36(2).  Just a new up to date version.

100% backwards compatibility of software and most accessories.

I agree with @Wikkid with the name.

Secondly, the only thing I could see MS doing is adjusting the hardware, and adding advance chip to the graphic card.

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