Next generation storage medium

looks like a blu-ray disc, but will start out holding 300 gigs with it ultimately holding 1TB.  they are calling it archival disc.  Granted, it still has to win the media format war that will happen with someone.   BUT i thought it was interesting considering the number of people claiming physical media storage has reached its peak...and that is the reason everything will have to go to digital downloads....guess people are not as smart as they thought...  Like i said.. Do not let a company dictate to you what you want... F we demand physical media ...they better come up with a way to accomodate.


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these will primarily be used for gig businesses and isp's for archiving and backups, for these to become main stream they would have to make them very cheap which is unlikely also they are 3 layer double sided to get 300gb on them that will most likely be the same for 1tb discs meaning you would have to take them out and turn them over to read the other side, these discs will most likely cost in the region of £40 a pop or more each, the cloud is a better storage platform for consumers than this, this type of media is for the cloud platform for storage long term.

Everything starts out extremely pricey... I remember VHS being 100 a cassette when it came out.  This was just to show the people claiming discs have reached storage capacity were wrong...  And companies can find ways around storage issues if there is a demand for it.  

you can have 3 TB on a disc... it is not the amount that is the issue.. it is the speed it can be read...

Right now it is the you not think they will be able to overcome that at some point?

Currently the HDDs have a larger storage density and faster read times but are not ideal for archiving. Great for cheap and fast storage making them perfect for game consoles. Reason all new One and PS4 have to install games since reading from a Bluray is relatively slow even compared to DVD and the only way to speed them up is add another laser which would increase drive prices or spin at faster speeds which is louder and more stressful on the drive and disc. Storage and  distribution on optical discs is still completely feasible and preferred. The original idea for the One still had discs they were just install discs so you wouldn't need to download everything. Since this is a Sony Panasonic venture you're still letting a company dictate what you want just like how your physical Xbox One disc is Bluray which has won the format war.

So we're good for up to 50GB on a single disc. I don't think many games will be breaking that size and if so still cheap to have two or even three discs. Hard to imagine a game needing 100GB of storage unless they don't want compressed audio or textures.