next gen this could b what we needed

NeoGAF user DieH@rd has found a load of information about the next Xbox, and the Xbox Mini.

He found Microsoft’s Xbox roadmap on VGleaks. The Durango will not support backwards compatibility, but an attachment that you put on the Durango will enable it to play Xbox 360 games. And, more importantly to some the always online function will not affect pre-owned games.

“Durango itself will also always be online like any other device (correct with rumors), But it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent used games. Putting in an Xbox 360 disc into Durango will prompt the user to attach the supporting device that is sold separately.”

It seems that Microsoft are aiming to compete with both Sony and Apple;

“The purpose of the smaller Xbox unit is to compete with Apple TV, but also provides XBLA and 360 game support which will give it an edge over Apple TV. The rumors of “always online required” comes from the smaller Xbox unit which may not have a disc drive and like Apple TV it would require a network connection and internet to provide any real functionality. It may be possible they will design both consoles to be stackable.”

The report is pretty long but worth the read as it covers everything from pricing to expected announcement dates.


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Another one of these eh.  This time, I will not comment on the "Always On" garbage because I have reserved any complaints about that until an actual announcement has been made.  The idea that Microsoft has of turning the Xbox into the "Ultimate media device" really bothers me though.  I definitely don't want my next Xbox to be in competition with a small media streaming box.  Other things that I don't want from my next Xbox console would include....



1.I don't want a face book button on my controller

2.I don't want to use my Xbox for video chat, or anything to do with social media

3.I don't want my next Xbox to microwave pizza rolls in under 30 seconds

4.I don't want my next Xbox to keep my beverages cold, or to double as a hair dryer

5.I do not like green eggs and ham.



There are a few examples. What do I want my next Xbox console to do you ask?  (more likely don't care, but your getting it anyway)

1.Play games, and great ones for that matter.  

That about wraps it up...

As long as I can play all the games I own now plus the new ones that come out for the new console then thats great, as for online only play, thats very bad. I have two consoles, one upstairs without Internet and one downstairs with Internet, the one upstairs does not get used too often but is a generation one Xbox 360 (white, no HDMI) and a new Xbox Slim downstairs. If all the umours are true then it's easy for me to decide, either PC or PS4 or maybe just stick with my 360 until servers are dead. Hope this helps, either way its going to be a cash cow or we could be suprised - lets see if anything happens on the 21st of May

[quote user="ll RIGOR ll"]as for online only play, thats very bad. [/quote]Believe the point is that the new $99 360 won't have an optical drive. You'd have to either dock it with the next gen console or put it online to get games onto it. I'm assuming it has some sort of local storage for games, but since games are pretty beefy it's not realistic to "stream" 360 titles to it (at least, not for local play. Maybe OnLive, but that kinda sucks if you have local processing power).

[quote user="Jester56701"]


1.Play games, and great ones for that matter.  

That about wraps it up...


Of course it will play games. Just because they have added functions and app people seem to think that this somehow prevents them from enjoying games. If you don't like the ESPN app or TV functions, then don't use them, you aren't forced to load up Netflix to play a game. I really don't see why so much fuss is spent on additions that aren't required for you to stil ldo what you like to do.

Sounds fun, I needed some positive rumors.

The point I was trying to make Judge Bergan, is simply that I do not want focus to be shifted away from what really counts, to the trivial things that a cheap Roku box can accomplish.  As long as they put the games first, I will keep buying Xbox consoles. I also do not see what all of the backwards compatibility fuss is about.  Sure it's nice to have, but its definitely not a deal breaker especially considering that I will still have my Xbox 360 when I purchase the new console.

I agree with jester I thjnk Microsoft could make a much more powerful GAMING machine if they focus solely on GAMING not competeing with apple .

[quote]3.I don't want my next Xbox to microwave pizza rolls in under 30 seconds[/quote]

I can agree with most of your post...THIS is just unacceptable bashing on pizza roll technology!


Peace, J.R.  

pizza rolls.... yum. how about the pizza hot pockets?

What ever new rumors i read about Microsofts new direction i just simply don't like and it will fail big time.  A media device/ console of types. I live in the uk we have Sky, Lovefilm, Netflix, and Virgin we don't need any more it's getting to saturation with media services.  If Microsoft goes down this road i hope it does in fact fail on a big scale.  Maybe those rumors about the next box being a console after all was true after all.  A cable box is always online always on.  I can't help but think all Microsoft are doing is recycling old tech and reselling it in new packaging.  If all this happens then people will jump to Sony after all they do know how to make games and look after gamers.  A X Box Mini is a horrible idea more money more space more electricity just so you can play a game.  I prefer Sony's plan of a emulation software, Cloud tech etc.  At the end of the day it makes a lot more sense and i wouldn't count on the next box having blu ray in it's next console.  Why ? if they going down the media road then the next box won't need one as it pull everything from the hub ie digital entertainment.