Next gen for some of our most important!

While playing kinect sports rivals when a thought hit me..  How  awesome would MS be if some xb1's were donated to some children hospitals???  Kinect  is a great gaming tool that can offer a very fun way to rehab some of our young gamers, as well as taking them away from whats hurting them at times...  We have some priceless kids/gamers that are missing out on this joy...  Can't let that happen!!!!!!     


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Just did a quick Bing search and came across this . - Microsoft donates Xbox 360 with Kinect to Children's hospital. 

There's a lot of charities and most of them have valid reasons and are worth giving to no matter what your sector is and whether you're consumer or corporate business.  Giving to children's hospitals is a great cause and it's good to see it's already been done but things like that usually take some sort of campaign. I guarantee that if you believed in the cause enough and gave it the time and effort, you would easily be able to start up or join some sort of campaign to make this happen again in the future.

A nice gesture indeed! Thank you for sharing. I know of a forumer or two that have pass their older consoles to childrens hospitals. It really is a nice thing to do.